GOLDSACHS is using the oil gilding size to gild walls for example.

Gilding is a craft with a tradition for over 4000 years.

Several different techniques has been developed.

Hauchdünnes Blattgold wird mit dem Anschießer aufgelegt.

The loose gold leaf is traditionally applied by using gilding tools: First the leaf is cut to desired size with a gilder’s knife. To transfer the razor-thin gold leaf the gilder takes the gilder’s tip, a fine brush made of squirrel hair.

Beim Auflegen des Schlagmetalls (Imitationsgold)

Dutch Metal can be applied by hand for it is not that thin as genuine gold leaf. Imitation Gold Leaf is an alloy of copper and zinc. These base metal leaves will oxidize if left unsealed.

Blattaluminium wird auf eine Fläche von 8 m² aufgelegt.

Metal Leaves can be mounted by pressure to thin tissue papers. The leaf is pressed onto the prepared surface and the tissue will be removed. Thats why this product is called transfer, patent or adhesive. Almost every metal leaf is available in this version.

The oil gilding size is a technique that is applicable to most surfaces.

A special oil is applied very thin and has to dry a certain time.

For indoors a waterbased gilding size can be used.

A brilliant metallized surface is the result of several layers.

The more glossy the underground, the more glossy the surface.


Genuine Gold Leaf can be beaten up to 1/10,000 mm.


The essential lays under the razor-thin metal leaf.