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the atelier for finest finishing of surfaces

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GOLDSACHS Vergolderin und Theatermalerin Michelle Sachs

GOLDSACHS is embellishing almost every surface with Metal Leaves. From the tobacco store to a canvas. Metal Leaves are made of pure metals therefore the sheen is natural and genuine.





Michelle Sachs


+49 (0) 173 31 87 243


Veredelte Wand mit Blattaluminium, ca. 8 m², Wintergarten, privat

Almost any surface can be embellished with metal leaves made of gold, silver, platinum and copper. Different spaces and objects will appear in a noble look - thanks to materials of high quality, the artful craft of gilding as well as the distinctive sense for aesthetic and details.




- poliment gilding technique

- oil gilding

- reverse glass gilding

- oxidation of silver, copper and brass

- Glazing Technique

- developping of individual surface finishes

- restoration of picture frames and artworks